December 2, 2019
How does a powerline impact your property price?

Many of the suburbs we service have overhead powerlines, with some houses closer to such lines than others. For those that are in close proximity, it can be a little tricky when it comes to sale time, particularly as some buyers suffer from a powerline perception problem, believing being too close might result in harmful health effects.

If your property is in this category, and you’re concerned about the impact it might have on buyers opting to view your home (which in turn, may affect your eventual sale price), these steps may help.

1. Arm yourself with the facts 

According to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), we are exposed to around 0.132 microtesla of electrical and magnetic current on a daily basis, just by interacting with electric appliances at home and work. This compares to ARPANSA measured levels of around 0.1 microtesla taken from the living room of a house located close to a powerline.

Furthermore, there is currently no concrete evidence to suggest that exposure to magnetic fields from powerlines, substations, transformers or other electrical sources – regardless of their proximity – causes ill health effects.

2. Ensure your marketing campaign addresses powerline preconceptions

When selling, it’s vital your property attracts as many buyers as possible to ensure healthy competition. If you’re faced with buyers who have potential powerline prejudice, it makes sense to address this head on.

We’ve faced this situation a number of times with our buyers, and the best solution we’ve found has two parts.

First, ensure your home is immaculately presented inside and out. This way, buyers have nothing to complain about beside the nearby powerline.

Second, be sure to supply fact-based articles about powerlines throughout your marketing campaign. You can supplement this with concrete numbers as a backup, by hiring a magnetic meter reader from ARPANSA to measure the levels in your home.

The powerline case study

If you’re not sure if the above steps will really help, our recent case study may change your view.

The property in question was 13 Dougherty Ct in Mulgrave, and had a powerline situated directly behind the house. The home itself was beautifully finished and definitely deserved a fantastic result, but we had a challenge in getting buyers to see past the nearby powerline.


During the marketing campaign, we attracted a healthy number of buyers to the open (38), with six of these returning for a second inspection. All of this indicated the property was very attractive to the market, but to be on the safe side, we made sure to address any powerline concerns with those who raised them, all backed up with ARPANSA sourced articles.

Auction day came and generated some strong bidding. This resulted in a SOLD price of $1,221,000 – one of the highest sale prices for the suburb in recent times. Pretty impressive for a home backing directly onto a powerline!

Selling near a powerline? We can help

If you’re currently thinking about selling, but are concerned about potential problems with being close to a powerline, we hope the above suggestions will help your campaign.

But if you’d like to find out more about what you can do to overcome powerline prejudices, please let us know. One of our agents would be happy to share our experience dealing with properties close to powerlines.