October 21, 2019
Guide to great photos

Photography is one of the most powerful tools available to market your home and it is worth doing it right.

The main image of your home will be the first thing that potential buyers see when they are searching websites and in newspapers and magazines, so it really needs to sell the benefits of the property.

Here are some tips to getting the photography right:

How many photos do you need?

The aim of the photography is to encourage an inspection, not replace the necessity of one. Your photos should be a bit of a tease and a hint of benefits to come. At the most, you’ll need 10 photos, but usually three to four really great shots and some attractive supplementary shots is appropriate.

Focus on features

Where are the “Instagram” spots in your home? You’ll need to focus on special features that will entice buyers and you’ll need one carefully selected main image. Key features of the home are essential – think kitchen, main living areas and master bedroom. But also consider a few lifestyle shots because that’s what you’re selling – the amazing lifestyle a buyer will have if they choose this home. Before the shoot, walk through your property and imagine you are a glossy lifestyle magazine editor – where would you shoot?

Get outside

Always try to include an external shot of the property from the street, even if you’re in an apartment. Buyers like to see what they’re getting for their money and check out the street appeal of a property. Also include photos of the garden, pool, balcony or views.

Lights, camera, action

Make sure your home is spotless, decluttered and looking its best for the shoot. Consider fresh flowers to highlight a key feature. You should be present at the photo shoot. It’s fun to see your home transform through the camera, and you may be able to suggest props and features that will be useful to the photographer.

You need to love the shots

You must be happy with the way your property is portrayed. Bad photos can result in low offers or a property not selling. If you have a issue with the photography that’s been selected, raise the issue with your agent immediately.

It’s worth the investment

Your home is your most valuable asset and in a competitive market, poor photography can really let a sales campaign down and result in either lost sales opportunities or low-ball offers. Trying to save a few hundred dollars can cost you thousands so it’s worth the investment. Plus, you’ll be able to keep the photos as a momento of your home after the sale.

Add a floorplan

It’s not strictly photography, and may cost you a little extra, but a floorplan is a highly valuable visual selling tool that helps buyers get a feel for the flow of a property. They also assist international and interstate buyers and are well worth the spend.