“As WIN’s Senior Property Manager, I deal with people from all walks of life – whether that’s tenants, landlords, work colleagues or people who walk in off the street. It’s always interesting and sometimes, hilarious!”

A true Melbournian at heart, Kim McPhee has had a long career in the building industry, having owned and run a construction company for over a decade. After shutting up shop, he chose to follow his passion for property management in variety of ways, from being a tenant and a landlord to tackling an infinite number of property-related jobs in between.

Kim has a wealth of experience in property management, including a strong knowledge of legislation and compliance requirements. He also prides himself on his problem solving and conflict resolution skills. This makes him the perfect fit for WIN’s Senior Property Manager role and he says he loves the pace and variety of the job, as well as helping people realise their real estate goals.

Looking to the future, Kim is keen to retain and build upon WIN’s rent roll, and is active in pursuing opportunities that allow him to do this.

Hobbies outside of work

  • Playing guitar
  • Fishing
  • Flying light aircraft at Lilydale Airport