Thinking of selling this spring? Up your presentation game to get a better price


During my real estate career I have noticed one very important trend - properties that lack the finer touches sell for less. After all, how can a buyer feel an emotional connection to your property – thus bid or offer more for fear of missing out – when their first impression is less than impressive? In this case study, I show you how the right presentation can have a massive positive impact on your final sales result.


Spring is almost sprung   


With an end to the cold weather in sight, and spring just around the corner, I expect there will be a flood of new properties entering the sale market. So if you’re thinking about selling in the next few months, be prepared for some stiff competition. One way to put yourself above the rest is to understand the role presentation can play in your selling success. 


The case study

Late last year, I had the pleasure of selling 25 Haverbrack Dr, Mulgrave. The experience was a perfect example of what a good declutter, some savvy accessories staging and a great marketing campaign can produce in achieving the ultimate sale price. Owner Bernie came to me after his previous agent was only able to achieve a disappointing $870,000 offer on his property. Bernie had carefully compared his home to other properties in the area and knew it was worth more – at least $900,000. I agreed with him but asked him to keep an open mind when I gave him my suggestions. Among other things, I recommended he carefully considered the important features of his home and accentuated them in his presentation. Things like the beautiful timber floor, the wonderfully sized bedrooms and the modern façade. Bernie agreed with all my suggestions and these pictures highlight some of the key transformations we made: 








The end result    


Sprucing up Bernie’s property involved three things:


1.    A well-executed marketing campaign


2.    Some elbow grease


3.    A few extra costs ($300 on gardening, $1,200 on accessories staging & 6-8 hours de-cluttering J)


But final sales result was certainly an excellent return on investment. The property went to auction and SOLD for $912,000. This netted Bernie an extra $42,000 in his pocket! 


My top 5 tips to sprucing up your property for a spring sale

If you’d like to consider upping your presentation game, I’ve got a few handy tips to help you on your way:


1. First impressions

Never underestimate the power of street appeal as buyers drive pass your property before deciding to come to the inspection. Whether it’s a lick of paint on your front door, a quick trim of your bushes or hedges in your front garden or a high-pressure clean on the driveway, first impressions really do count.


2. De-clutter

It isn’t called a ‘spring clean’ for nothing!  Methodically sort through your home, room by room, discarding clutter as you go. Not only will your home look better during the sale period but you’ll have less to pack away when you’re moving out. Staying neutral with your presentation and de-cluttering will also make your property feels bigger and more spacious.


3. Cleaning

The light during spring time is lovely but its sheer brightness can clearly highlight less-than-clean surfaces. Polish your tap ware, remove cobwebs, wash your windows inside and out and dust your blinds. Buyers like to purchase a property knowing that the previous owner has maintained it lovingly. It gives them a sense of security the other parts of the house are well maintained too.


4. Accessorise

Whether you do it yourself or employ a professional, my case study proves property staging is a sure-fire way to command a higher sale price. I understand it can be an added selling cost but it truly is one of the best investments when selling your home. It offers the ultimate payback – more $$$ in your pocket.


5. Repairs and maintenance

A coat of fresh paint does wonders, both inside and out. If you go down this path, stick to neutral colours as they please most buyers. Turn your attention to the garden too – remove weeds, mow and edge your lawn and make sure it’s adequately watered. Repairs-wise, fix that leaky tap or repatch the small hole in the wall. It takes time but will all be worth it in the end. 






Audwin Wibrata is the Director of WIN Real Estate who adapts creativity from lifestyle point of view in his selling approach . He recognises the vitally important role of new technology that plays in today’s real estate market.


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