Styling your Home in Winter for Sale


As the temperature falls and the days shorten, many people including homebuyers prefer staying in door.  So it is important for you to make a good first impression if you are planning to sell.

Le Grand Maison director & founder Rod Le Grand said it was important to take a holistic approach when styling ahead of open inspections in the colder month. It’s all about the whole experience. 

On cold day, turn on the heating and fireplace earlier before the inspection so that the house will get warmed up before potential buyers arrived.  You want the temperature inside to be comfortable so buyers can stay a bit longer especially on a cold day. Adding extra layers to beds made them look denser and allowed potential buyers to imagine themselves slipping under the sheets and snuggling in.

Winter can often felt dreary, so try to let in as much natural light as possible. In the rooms that do not have natural sunshine coming in, make sure the blinds are fully up. It will make the room feel cosier.

Here are some simple styling tips:

- Clean up & declutter
- Don’t forget the outdoor space
- Take advantage of fireplaces
- Use glowing scented candles
- Use neutral colours
- Maximise sunlight
- Layer up with cushions and throws
- Check for condensation
- Put the heating on before the inspection

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