Maximising your space to bring you more buyers


Open plan living is all the rage in design-land for one very good reason – it makes a room appear bigger, no matter the actual size. With the cost of land skyrocketing and smaller parcels available on the market, it makes sense builders opt for open-plan designs to maximise the small spaces they have to contend with.


Is your house in this category? If so, here’s some clever ways to help you maximise what you have and get more buyers in your door.


Here’s how to maximise your living space

If your property has a small living area, there are two key ways you can create the illusion of space when presenting it for sale.


1. Designated zones

This is the most obvious one - to present one side of the room as a living space and the other side as dining.


2. Adding functionality

A more creative option is to break the room up by adding another function in the centre. 


The function is only limited by your imagination. You could add a study, a retreat or insert some display shelving (there are hundreds of styles to choose from). Doing this ensures buyers perceive the room as bigger than what it really is. An added bonus: buyers love multi-functionality as they think they’re getting more bang for their buck!


The case study

This month’s case study focuses on 45 Carson St, Mulgrave. The property’s small land parcel meant builders opted for an open plan design. When presenting it for sale, we could have chosen the easy option of creating a clear living and dining area.




We went for something more creative with outstanding results. Given the living area was on the small side, we opted to add another function between the living and dining areas. We did this by inserting some purpose-built shelving to the centre of the room, giving it instant warmth, added functionality and that all-important perception of space.




The presentation received a wonderful response from a wide section of the market. The most important potential buyers were families looking to upgrade to a bigger home.


The winning result

We had a total of 94 buyers attend the open inspection and over 30 of those requested the contract. But the best part was, of course, the end price!


The property sold for $826,000 which netted our client $56,000 ABOVE their reserve price. Even more impressive was the fact that two months’ prior to this sale, a bigger four bedroom townhouse nearby sold by another agent for only $750,000.


How we can help you

Want to get a similar result for your home? As a client of WIN Real Estate, we do all we can to ensure you do. This includes offering a complimentary interior design consultation before your property hits the market. This guarantees you maximise your space and attract as many potential buyers as possible to achieve an amazing sales result.


Keen to find out more? Then contact us today to have a chat about what we can do for you.


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Audwin Wibrata is the Director of WIN Real Estate. He adapts creativity from lifestyle point of view in his selling approach and recognises the vitally important role of new technology that plays in today’s real estate market.


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