How the right digital strategy will bring you more buyers



Selling is a numbers game’ – it’s a well-worn phrase but it certainly applies to selling houses! It also applies to the digital marketing strategies we use in doing this. 



The right digital tools


Our online digital strategy to selling homes works off one basic premise - the more buyers that click on your ad, the more interest you will generate. This results in more buyers attracted to your opens. The knock-on effect is a boost in competition for your property which drives your property’s price higher - the ultimate aim of the game!


These day, smart phones are the preferred way for people to access information and this includes that very first important view of your home. You need to ensure your agent is using the latest technology to maximize your property’s online presence.


At WIN Real Estate, we know all the latest tech-savvy tips and tricks and are a front runner in innovation and online marketing strategy. Here’s how...


How we use ‘retargeting’ to get your property more clicks 

We have lots of unique ways of optimising your online presence. But today, I’m sharing our retargeting strategy; one that we apply to each listing advertised online.


Simply put, retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses code to ‘follow’ your audience based on their previous online property search behaviour.


For example, say a buyer has been looking for a 3 bedroom home in Mulgrave within a certain price range. With retargeting marketing, if your property meets their previous search criteria, your ad will ‘follow’ them across the internet on any of hundreds of sites they visit. It’s an important gentle reminder that your house is the exact one they’ve been looking for! 


Where will my property listing appear?



A real advantage to this strategy is these passive and active buyers may not have seen your property in their original search. However, because of their similar online search behaviour, they now will. This brings you a world of potential new buyers.


When you consider your ad will be shown on some of the world’s largest websites and social media platforms – think Facebook, eBay, Ninemsn, – the possibilities for new buyers are almost endless.

Our case study

At the time of writing, our client’s property at 52 Rivett Crescent holds the record as the highest selling 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom property in Mulgrave. One of key strategies to the successful campaign was our online strategy.



We applied our retargeting strategy on day 10 of the campaign. This is when we usually witness a drop in the ad’s online presence after the initial rush in listing it.


Retargeting produced 38,495 more impressions (with 14,710 of them as unique users) and delivered 191 more clicks to the property ad page. 




The result

The property’s campaign was phenomenally successful. It produced 74 inspections (an astronomical number), with massive result of $1,035,000. This was $95,000 ABOVE reserve.   


See what we can do for you 

Want to get a similar result for your home? Then contact us today to have a chat about how we can use retargeting and a plethora of other marketing strategies - both online and in real life - to get you the price you want.




Audwin Wibrata is the Director of WIN Real Estate. He adapts creativity from lifestyle point of view in his selling approach and recognises the vitally important role of new technology that plays in today’s real estate market.


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