How a great outdoor space nabbed our vendor an extra $38,000!


Aussies love outdoor entertaining. Barbecuing is pretty much a national pastime! But can the right outdoor entertaining space bring you more money when you’re selling? The answer is a big YES and our case study shows you how.


Why is the right backyard so important?

Families want a great outdoor living space. It’s a place to entertain but also relax together while enjoying some fresh air and perhaps a snag or two. More often than not, houses that have great outdoor spaces sell for much higher prices than those that don’t.


When potential buyers arrive at a house inspection, it’s natural for them to make their way through the property to the outdoor area. If they are wowed by what they see, it’s almost guaranteed the deal is done - if not on the spot, then most likely at auction. Once buyers become emotionally connected to the house and that all-important outdoor entertaining space, they will bid based on this emotion and drive up the price. The result - our vendors achieve a much higher selling price.


Here’s one example of how presenting the right outdoor area gave our vendor more money in their pocket - $38,000 to be exact - compared to other properties sold in the very same street.    


The case study


Our vendor’s property was located at 13 Southampton Dr in Mulgrave. Their neighbours - at number 18 and 27 respectively - SOLD their houses three months prior to our vendor. All three homes were the same in terms of age, outlook and floor plan. Number 18 SOLD in March for $660,000 and number 27 SOLD in February for $672,000.



Our vendor wanted a similar price for their property. Before their open inspection, they consulted with our sales staff about how best to present their backyard area. The result was nothing short of outstanding.


They put all our recommendations into place. They ensured their impressive deck was well oiled and free of unnecessary debris. The BBQ was set up in a prime position and the nearby bench seating area was lightly dressed to encourage potential buyers to take a seat and survey the beautifully manicured lawn, the lush plant life and the adjacent paved courtyard.



Come open day, buyers were highly impressed by the outdoor entertaining area. Testimony to this was the outcome of the inspection – a nice big SOLD tag for our vendor at a price of $710,000 - $38,000 higher than the previous highest sale in the same street.


Sprucing up your space

We understand that not all houses have an established outdoor entertainment area with requisite decking and/or pergola. But most do have a backyard and it’s in your interest to ensure you make the very most of what you have. Even a few strategically placed pot plants and some trendy outdoor furniture can do wonders to create an inviting oasis of serenity for potential buyers.


At WIN Real Estate, we have a fantastic team of sales consultants plus an internal interior designer available to consult with our clients and offer advice on how best to spruce up their outdoor spaces in preparation for sale. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we encourage you to call one of sales consultants today to discuss how we can help you get the result you want.




Audwin Wibrata is the Director of WIN Real Estate. He adapts creativity from lifestyle point of view in his selling approach and recognises the vitally important role of new technology that plays in today’s real estate market.


For a private discussion on your plan of selling please contact Audwin on 0403 205 759 or email to


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