Check that you comply with the legal requirements before leasing your property


The Residential Tenancies Act (1997) has undergone a review which has resulted in amendments to the Act. The legislation has been passed and will become law as of 1st July, 2019.

The Act contains very clear requirements regarding the legal responsibilities and obligations of the landlord and what provisions are required in the property such as; door and window locks/keys, smoke alarms, residual current devices (RCD’s), minimum security standards, repairs and maintenance.

As part of the amendments, the penalties which can be applied to the landlord for non-compliance with the legislation have also increased. It is vital that all landlords are aware of all the legislation surrounding the tenancy and leasing of a residential property. Some of the rights and responsibilities of tenants has also changed.

At Win Real Estate, our professional senior property manager will be able to ensure compliance with all legislation. Our fee is commensurate with the service, skills, experience and knowledge provided and this should be preferred over one who is prepared to discount fees – this only leads to ‘discounted’ service, failures in compliance and poor management generally. The bitterness of poor service remains long after the sweetness of a cheap deal.


Fix repairs and maintenance issues as quickly as possible

It may be easy to ‘set and forget’ your investment property, this often means in the long term you will have a much larger maintenance list to attend to. What in the beginning may have been a minor repair can turn into a costly repair or replacement if not attended to promptly.

The legislation has provision for repairs and maintenance including what is urgent, what are essential services, who can repair these items and in what time-frame.

If you or your property manager does not attend to these, the tenant can engage a suitable contractor to repair these items and then must be reimbursed by the owner.

Win Real Estate property management team are equipped to deal with most minor and major repairs. We have an ex builder as Senior Property Manager who has over 20 years of property management experience and can provide advice and insight into most maintenance issues that may arise.


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