Appoint a professional property manager


Employing a professional property manager who has a strong knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (1997) as well as the market will provide confidence, stability and peace of mind to property owners. Skills covering conflict resolution and negotiation of agreements are beneficial as being a ‘third party’, removes the emotion from managing your investment properties.

As professional property managers, we offer but are not limited to providing the following services;

Secure properly qualified tenants

Minimise vacancy periods

Effective advertising at competitive rates

Routine inspections at regular intervals

Efficiently and economically manage maintenance and repairs

Control, collect and disburse rent payments

Conduct lease renewal and rent increase negotiations

Provide up to date and real time market advice

Manage bills, rates and taxes

Your property is a very valuable asset and should be treated as a business and managed the same way. Your property manager should be advising you on ways to help maximise the return and optimise your investment. Paying a small percentage to engage the services of a professional property manager saves you time, worry and money allowing you to focus on acquiring your next property.

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